Major Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Arriving Soon

Mass Effect Andromeda has received a fair amount of positive feedback from critics since it launched officially two weeks ago. Although, there are still some issues that players experienced in the game despite receiving a fair amount of approval. One of which is the awkward facial expression animations. Thankfully, BioWare announced that a patch would arrive soon to address these problems including several other changes to the game.

According to Game Rant, the patch 1.05 for Mass Effect Andromeda will be released and made available on Thursday. The new patch includes the increase of the inventory limit, decreasing the price of remnant decryption keys and making them handier at merchants. The new patch also includes several improvements such as the matchmaking and latency in multiplayer mode, localized voice over lip sync, and the appearance of eyes for both humans and asari characters.

These improvements should please fans especially the appearance of the eyes for both humans and asari characters. Aside from this initial patch, it seems like BioWare also plans to attend future issues through time. For those who are uninformed, there will be improvements to the look of the characters as well as the ongoing enhancements to animations and cinematic scenes.

On the other hand, there are several concerns regarding the story content of the game mainly the male romance options whenever players picked a male player character. It appears that BioWare is also planning to address this issue in the future game updates.

It is a great move by the developers building a fan feedback and develop a better Mass Effect Andromeda experience for their players. Although, some are claiming that these issues should have been fixed before the game's official launch, at the very least, there are still hope for those players who waited for a fix regarding the facial animation issue through this latest patch.


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