A Huge Clash Of Clans Update Is Coming

Clash of Clans is still one of the most popular mobile games of recent memory despite the existence of other titular games such as Pokémon GO. Now, the developer, Supercell, is looking to bring more interesting stuff via a huge update. Here's everything about it in a nutshell.

According to iSportsTimes, the people behind Clash of Clans plan to introduce an update that will give balance to both attacks and stats. The studio iterated that this is among the many updates that will give further significance to the game's design value. That its existence will still be deemed as a regular balance update needed to keep the momentum afloat.

This Clash of Clans update, which is expected to arrive anytime this month, is more focused on troops that rarely get attention from the fanbase. All the more, its intended to further develop the meta of TH11 air game -- something that fans have been clamoring for quite some time. This will reportedly include air defense levels along with some tweaks on the current cost and time required for upgrades.

More level 12 walls are expected to arrive also. This only means that players will have more definite options when it comes to designing their respective TH11 bases. As for the levels 5 to 7, hitpoints have been increased while the spawning rate of the witch has been improved. For players who are currently between level 4 and 6, they'll receive increased damage. The same is applied to those who are in the levels 3 to 5.

In the official Reddit page of Clash of Clans, one of the moderators has discussed all the details concerning the latest event. It's called Skeleton Spell event, which allows players to summon a legion of Skeletons anywhere on the map. The moderator also featured the various stats included along with the respective movement and attack speeds.

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