Huge Content Confirmed To Arrive To Clash Of Clans

Contrary to popular belief, Clash of Clans is still a massive mobile game of today. The arrival of new competitors didn't really bother Supercell -- like at all. In fact, the studio is reportedly set to release a huge DLC for the game. And yes, it's going to be a very interesting addition.

According to iSportsTimes, the studio has just confirmed that Clash of Clans will receive a massive downloadable content. It's already on its way, though no exact date has been revealed yet. There are talks, however, that this content might introduce a new set of troops.

Among the rumored stuff coming to the game via the aforementioned DLC is the introduction of new features. While some believe that it could be the spotlight of TH 12, this one here is like a shot to the moon. That it's quite impossible for Supercell -- as of this moment -- to introduce a new Town Hall. Besides, it's too early to do so.

On the official blog of the game, it has been revealed that the upcoming update arriving to Clash of Clans is the first among the many Spring updates. It remains a mystery if there'll be new features or something. However, the company has already confirmed that a good set of balance changes and fixes are coming.

As for the recently added update, it somehow implemented new stuff to the game. Overall, the entire meta has been changed (though it's not necessarily to be of significance). For instance, there's now an addition of Air Defense (Level 9) for TH 11. Add to this the fact that the cost and time for upgrading Air Defense levels 4 all the way to 8 have been greatly reduced.

This balancing Clash of Clans update, as explained by Supercell, is a way to give the underutilized troop a much bigger role in the game. It's worth noting that since time immemorial, there have been a small selection of troops being used in raids or clan wars. Not because the troops lack in the number department, but simply because only a few of them prove to be useful in battles.

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