New Support Feature Arrives To Pokemon GO

Lacking or missing features are among the things players continue to clamor about Pokémon GO. While it's true that some of these have already arrived, most (especially the important ones) have yet to see the daylight. Apparently though, the studio introduced a brand new support feature. Although it may not be among the requested ones, it is still a significant addition.

According to PhoneArena, Niantic has introduced an update that brought a new feature to Pokémon GO. The added element is an improved language support for the Traditional Chinese. Aside from this, the studio also rolled out an updated Pokémon collection screen scroll bar.

Sure, the aforementioned Pokémon GO support feature and the other might not be major additions. Nonetheless, they still play a significant role in the overall process of the game. This only shows that the studio is hoping, through the countless updates, to get to the old users back and have them play again. Well, this one here in particular is obviously a hard one to imagine.

The developers of Pokémon GO also addressed a couple of bugs and issues. It is worth noting that this update has been applied both on the iOS and Android platforms. For the former, the updated version is 1.31.0 whereas 0.61.0 is the latest version for the latter. The company iterated that this update is still on the process of being completely pushed on App Store and Google Play. So, in one way or another, players just need to visit their respective stores and conduct the update.

Express, on the other hand, notes that data miners are looking to decode the newly released Pokémon GO. They believe that some interesting finds can be acquired from this update. Apparently, until now, nothing has been obtained. But of course, as data miners, they're expected to continue with the process as long as they can.

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