New Pokemon GO Nest Migration Arrives, Last Tracker Revealed

At long last, Niantic has introduced the newest Pokémon GO nest migration deemed as the 18th. And of course, with its arrival, changes on creatures' spawn locations are to be expected. Here, players will have to once again determine the places where pocket monsters tend to appear. Fortunately for them, this has already been covered.

According to Mic, the 18th Pokémon GO nest migration has just arrived to the game. This basically means that players only have at least two weeks to find out what sort of migratory creatures are there. It also signals the task to fill out their respective Pokedex and acquire stronger attack species for either taking or defending gyms. This update should bring more fun to the community.

Whenever nest migration happens, what most Pokémon GO players do is check the official Global Nest Atlas of The Silph Road. However, due to these changes (which happens every 2 weeks), the feature might not work as accurate as before. This is why the players are asked to provide help by updating the locations of the Pokemon using it. Nevertheless, this is by far the best available tool for the purpose mentioned.

Sure, Niantic has once again changed the locations of Pokémon GO monsters in the game. But, as expected, this will again be stirred in the next two weeks. So, for players to get hold of other Pokémon, it's a good idea to start right away before things start to change again. Besides, two weeks should be enough, or at least it's workable.

In related Pokémon GO news, BGR reports that there is only one tracker left for Android users to use. It's no other than GoTracker, which still has the qualities to help players locate species. Sadly, this is the only left from the popular trackers introduced during the peak of the game. In its most organic form, it shows players all of the available Pokémon near the area, including the locations of gyms and PokeStops. It even goes to an extent of showing the IV and moves of a specific creature.

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