‘NCIS' Season 14 Spoilers: 'One Book, Two Covers', Torres Takes The Spotlight

Torres who is seemingly having a great run in the last episode will take the spotlight in “One Book, Two Covers”. Apparently, the killer of the marine is intertwined with Torres’ old gang.

The Team vs The Hackers

During the last episode of ‘NCIS’, Torres, McGee and the rest of the team was on the hunt for some hackers. Torres took the initial lead to find the hackers but when the hackers get too personal, McGee took the matters into his own hands. Vice Admiral Chase was the victim of the hackers who will only stop if the money that they are asking for will be provided. The only problem is, the hackers didn’t comply with the team’s order.

The Dirt Bike Gang

The Dirt Bike Gang is a group where Torres considered it as a family. Few episodes ago, Torres was on an undercover mission and the Dirt Bike Gang help and welcomed him to the group. Unfortunately, the primary suspect of the marine who was murdered is a member of Torres’ old gang. The only way for Torres to solve the case that was given to him is to reconnect with the Dirt Bike Gang. Torres will be in disbelief at first but he has no choice but to fulfill his duties.

Torres And Quinn’s Relationship

Also, the chemistry between Torres and Quinn are receiving positive feedbacks from the fans. Their colleagues have spotted the two very close to each other numerous times. However, both of them haven’t really stated the real score between them. Torres is a very sneaky person and is actually using the same technique to have Quinn. Remember when Quinn suddenly took a leave? Torres was so worried about her he forgot some documents that were vital to a certain case.

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