‘Prison Break' Season 5 Will Be The Last For Wentworth Miller As Confirmed By The Shows Creator

Apparently, the last dance for some of the cast of “Prison Break” has started. Paul Scheuring the creator of the show stated that this is the final time for the fans to see the original cast, especially Wentworth Miller.

Season 5 Might Be The Last For ‘Prison Break’

At some point, there will be a time when a series, a show or even a career will come to an end. Although the team is currently promoting their latest season, Paul Scheuring just dropped the bomb during his interview with Collider. Scheuring shared his views on the direction that the show is going and this is a bad news for its fans. The well- renowned creator of the show admits that he cannot see the team going on another season. Scheuring stated that he has run out of ideas and compares the show to a business. “You can only be open for business, if it’s worth being open for business”, said Scheuring.

Goodbye, Michael Scofield

Wentworth Miller, who plays the role of Michael Scofield, was rumored to be kicked out of the show due to various reasons. However, as per the creator of the show, they’ve gone to a long process and held each other prior to making a tough decision. Wentworth Miller is also known as an activist who shares his thoughts on the current dilemma the world is facing. Scheuring also made it clear that Miller being an activist is not the main reason why he won’t be cast for another season.

As for the fans who have waited years for the reboot, they were advise by the main cast and the director to not miss any of the episodes. According to Insider, there are numerous plots that will be developed in episode 2 which likely includes T-Bag investigating Michael Scofield.

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