Persona 5 Guide: How To Raise Charm, Knowledge, Guts, Kindness And Proficiency

Persona 5 has given players yet another reason to love Japanese role-playing games. The gorgeous art and charming gameplay is but a few of the best things this game offers. However, players choose to play Persona 5, the way they interact with the world and the difficulty of it is defined by their social stats, mainly Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness and Charm. Here's a guide on how to increase all of them fast.

How To Increase Social Stats In Persona 5

Gamers who play Persona 5 may encounter that certain interactions to some characters or Confidants are locked when a specific rank to a social stat is not met. That is why ranking these social stats up are important in the game, as they will help the player progress with their Confidants and Social Links. Aside from that, there are several advantages of having high social stats in Persona 5.

Books are everyone's go-to in increasing all of the social stats in Persona 5 but this is not the most efficient way. Same thing goes for Movies and Juice that although provide social stats for free, is a randomized bonus each time. Each social stat has a best way in the game where they can be increased efficiently.

Knowledge, Proficiency, Guts, Kindness, Charm In Persona 5

The best way to gain Knowledge in Persona 5 is nowhere else but the school. This social stat can be increased by giving the correct answers to questions in class. According to Eurogamer, drinking either coffee or fruit-tea from the Shibuya Diner will give two points to Knowledge, and doing it on a rainy day will give three. Aside from the school and Shibuya Diner, points can also be earned by answering questions on the TV quiz show Leblanc that airs every Wednesday.

Proficiency points can be earned by crafting in the player's room and taking the part-time job at the Beef Bowl in Shibuya. Kindness points in Persona 5 can be earned by feeding the plant in the player's room with Bio Nutrients (two points) or Organic Nutrients (three points) but this can only be done once every two weeks so the best bet would be taking the job at the Flower Shop in the Shibuya Underground Mall.

Increasing the player's Guts can be done several ways in the game. They can participate in the medical trials of Tae Takemi, drinking hot coffee at the Shibuya Diner, going to the movies in Shibuya, leveling up the Death Confidant, take on the Big Bang Burger Bar challenge or going to the bath house when it's raining. It's good to focus on one social stat at a time since keeping track of all the activities that can increase them can become a bit difficult and confusing in Persona 5.

Lastly, there is Charm and it's suggested to level up Knowledge first in Persona 5 before this social stat. Acing exams will grant Charm but the points earned are based on how high the player's Knowledge score is. Charm can also be earned by taking a bath in the bathhouse; three points on Mondays and Thursdays and two points for the rest.

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