Persona 5: All Essential Tips And Tricks Before Starting

In Persona 5, the player can get the best of both worlds - terrifying high-school life by day and RPG dungeon crawling by night. Anyone can embrace becoming the physical manifestation of their deepest and darkest desire, or they can try to get good grades, social skills, or do well in their part-time jobs. It is not easy to be a teenager in Persona 5, especially someone who leads a double life, so here are a few tips and tricks essential to overcoming everyone's rebellious stage.

Persona 5 Essential Tips And Tricks

Read. This may sound boring but reading in Persona 5 is a great way to improve characteristics and uncover new areas in the city. It's good to also bring a lot of books always because when players travel through the subway; they can get a free seat on the train - a perfect opportunity to read one and raise their social stats. A great place to get some reading material, which ranges from books to magazines, is the bookstore on Central Street.

Socialize. Socializing in Persona 5 is important, players will find themselves making friends and becoming a confidant to most - all while reaping the benefits of having allies to watch their back both during battle or out in the real world. According to GameSpot, make nice with Kawakami and she'll let the player slack off in class. Hifume will teach the player Shogi moves that they can use or apply in the Metaverse. Fortuneteller Chihaya will let the player pay 5,000¥ when they reach Rank 7 to boost the Co-op points every time they hand out with a Confidant.

Persona 5 Useful Tips And Tricks

Make a lot of Lock Picks. Palaces have plenty of chests and loot that will disappear forever once they collapse in Persona 5. Also, aim to make the Unbreakable Lockpick as soon as possible.

Boost stats with part-time jobs. Although drinking and buying the special Fruit Juice in the Juice stand in Shibuya will boost a characteristic, it's random every time. Looking out for a specific part-time job is the perfect way to boost a certain skill the player wants in Persona 5. They will pop up as the player open new areas or they can pick them over the subway station pamphlets.

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