Minecraft Now Features A New Shop For Community Add-ons

Minecraft is considered as one of the most popular games across all platforms as it offers exciting gameplay where players can showcase their creativity and more. However, some players thought that the biggest limitation of the game's Pocket and Windows 10 Editions is the lack of community content. Players said that it would be meaningless to play the game on their mobile phones if they can't try those cool skins available on PC. Thankfully, players will be receiving the option soon.

According to Engadget, both Mojang and Microsoft will be adding a new feature allowing players from both Pocket and Windows 10 Editions to download the contents from community creators. These contents include skins, whole worlds and textures. It is noted that players will not be required to pay the contents directly. Instead, they can be purchased via Minecraft Coins.

Apparently, it helps creators to set flexible prices. It will also help in masking out the value of the particular item a player has purchased. The report says that the new Marketplace feature only allows creators with a registered business. That means it would not going to be a just-for-fun job. However, those unregistered creators that do get in would receive a 70 percent cut of the income. It is said that a successful seller stands to make a healthy amount of money. Even if it isn't much that they can possibly make by selling directly.

The access to the Shop would be limited at first. A public android beta will be released in mid-April but there won't be any creator content included. Players need to wait until the new feature's official launch later in spring. Overall, this upcoming Markeplace feature should somehow bridge the gap about playing Minecraft between computers and mobile devices.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed and published by Mojang that is available on multiple gaming platforms.


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