Minecraft Latest Update To Arrive On Consoles And Other Platforms

The latest Minecraft update, together with its patch notes, has been released today.on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and most likely to all other support platforms of the massive hit open-world game title. As reported, the new update is not massive but it is big enough for players to take a peak on its released patch notes. Apparently, it looks like all versions are receiving a similar patch.

According to the report from Attack of the Fanboy, Minecraft Update 38 on Xbox One or also known as 1.41 on PS4 covers a long list of bug fixes to the game where all can be found on its patch notes. Based on the released patch notes, the latest Minecraft update includes fixes on the Horse's jumping on incorrect height, re-entering a tutorial section while playing Tutorial will reset the chests, bug fix on Slab blocks for not blocking light.

In addition, there is also a fix on Chickens not dropping Cooked Chicken when they die with fire. A fix for Blazes that do not drop Glowstone Dust when they die is also included. Tamed Ocelots remains aggressive to anything that they were attacking before being tamed is now fixed and crashing issues regarding too much Shulkers spawn is also being fixed.

On the other hand, there are a few additions seen on the patch notes aside from the bug fix. These are the new 11 achievements/trophies for Survival and 7 new achievements/trophies for Tumble. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that these abovementioned tweaks are just part of the long list of update seen on its patch notes.

Furthermore, the patches present in Minecraft are always a nice time to bounce back to the long running game. As reported, playing the game extensively for several weeks or months can cause dullness to some players. However, with each new update uploaded, players are lured back in the mine searching for diamonds. Minecraft is available on multiple gaming platforms such as PC, console and mobile.


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