‘Dragon Ball Super': The Female Broly Might Be From Universe 6, Gods Of Destruction Attacks?

Goku and the rest of Universe 11 are almost complete but as the days progress, it seems that another universe from the multiverse has some tricks on their sleeves. Champa called out Cabba to find more Saiyans in his planet which led to speculations that Calli, the Female Broly, might be from Universe 6. Also, after the secret meeting of the Gods of Destruction, it seems that they are planning an attack against Goku.

Champa Requesting For More Saiyans

The last time that the fans saw Cabba on the show was when Beerus and Champa held their very own tournament. Apparently, Cabba is a Saiyan whose origin is the same with Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince then fought Cabba and thought him a valuable thing. Vegeta pushed Cabba to its limits who haven’t master the different forms of being a Saiyan. Right after Vegeta puts Cabba to sleep, he stated that Cabba should remember the feelings that ignited him to become a Super Saiyan in an instant.

Calli The Female Broly Is From Universe 6?

This topic about Calli The Female Broly being a Saiyan is still being anticipated by fans. However, based on some theories from “Dragon Ball Super” experts and renowned YouTubers, The Female Broly isn’t only a regular Saiyan but a Legendary one. The facial features of Cabba and Female Broly are actually the same. Their physique is also identical. The only remaining question is, why is The Female Broly fighting for Universe 11 instead of Universe 6 or even 7.

Gods Of Destruction, Plan Of Attack

Lastly, the Gods Of Destruction are pretty much aware of the current situation that the multiverse is in. The majority of them hates Goku since he was the one who suggested the tournament. The plan of attack was also discussed and as per spoilers, a mysterious ship will appear on Episode 86. Whis stepped in and stated that instead of hating Goku, they should thank him for giving other Universes an opportunity to fight for their life.

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