Brad Pitt Dating Sienna Miller? Angelina Jolie's Brother Blamed For The Divorce

Amidst the divorce saga between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there are rumors that the "World War Z" actor has already moved on and dating the British bombshell, Sienna Miller. Also, it seems that Angelina Jolie’s brother is one of the culprits of their divorce.

December of last year when the news echoed around the world pertaining to Brangelina’s divorce. Everyone thought they were the definition of a perfect couple but, they were wrong. Apparently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their shares of setback during their lengthy relationship. There were multiple rumors stating that the reason behind their divorce is because of Brad Pitt cheating and abusing Angelina Jolie. Pitt and his team were defiant and filed necessary papers to the court.

The New Power Couple?

Earlier today, a news broke stating that Brad Pitt is dating Sienna Miller. For those fans who are not familiar with Sienna Miller, she is considered as one of the prettiest British actresses in history. Her former partners were Jude Law and Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge. Sienna Miller is also the leading actress in Brad Pitt’s new movie called “The Lost City Of Z”. According to an insider, Brad Pitt is heavily flirting on Sienna Miller during the premiere night.

Angelina Jolie’s Brother Involved In The Divorce

Multiple fans and some members of the crew also witnessed the closeness of Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller. When Miller was asked about the allegations, she just smiled and walked away. As for the ongoing divorce issue, it was mentioned that Angelina Jolie’s brother, James Haven, is one of the reasons why the relationship ended. This is not the first time that Angelina Jolie’s brother is involved in such thing. Also, it is fully documented that Angelina Jolie, his brother, and his father have a "strange relationship”.

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