‘Better Call Saul' Season 3 Premieres With Another Royals Connection; Bob Odenkirk Wants A Happy Ending

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 12, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

Television crime drama series, “Better Call Saul” Season 3 has finally kicked off with the return of some familiar details. The show’s star Bob Odenkirk has revealed that he is hoping that the characters of the said series will have happy endings.

Royals Trademark Returns In “Better Call Saul” Season 3 Episode 1

The premiere episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 3 was finally aired and though it was met with unexpectedly lower ratings, it was still a satisfying episode. The said episode, which was titled “Mabel”, opened with a scene set in the present featuring Gene of Omaha. While on his lunch break, Gene witnesses a shoplifting then collapses when he returned to work.

As usual in “Better Call Saul”, another flashback was revealed leading back to 2002 when Jimmy and Chuck reminisce about a book back in their youth. Fans were treated to another appearance of the Royals, which made its first appearance in “Better Call Saul” Season 2 when Kim Wexler wore the team’s shirt. AMC revealed that placing the Royals in the show was made with thought and intention since it coincides with the show’s timeline. Fans will most likely see more of the team in the show in the future.

Bob Odenkirk Wants Happy Endings For “Better Call Saul”

Bob Odenkirk plays the main role of James Morgan McGill, also known as Jimmy, in “Better Call Saul”. His character is a lawyer who used to be a con artist and gets involved in the world of criminals. Jimmy McGill is also known as Saul Goodman in the “Breaking Bad” series. Odenkirk opened up to the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News on how he felt about his current character.

Odenkirk has revealed that he hasn’t read any of the outlines of future episodes in “Better Call Saul” because he wants to live in the present moment of his character and not worry about where the story is going. He admitted that he has mixed feelings about how things are going for Jimmy and he believes that though while Jimmy is Saul Goodman, they are still two different persons. He added that he likes Jimmy so much that he feels bad that Jimmy will end up as the angry selfish Saul. Despite how Jimmy’s future has already been predetermined, Odenkirk wants Jimmy to end up with a happy life and he says it’s up to the show runners to make that happen.

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