Star Wars: KOTOR Remastered Version Arriving Soon? Everything We Know So Far

One of the best Star Wars game entitled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic might be receiving a remake soon. The latest report reveals that the possibility for the development of a remastered version is high.

GeekyGadgets mentioned that gaming journalist Liam Robertson has revealed some details about the said development. For the record, Robertson has been known to provide accurate inside information and leaks, which means it could happen at some point. Meanwhile, fans of the 2003 popular game are hoping that these reports are true.

Based on Robertson's statement, he said that BioWare is pretty much currently working exclusively on Star Wars games and it is doing it for a longer term. He added that the studio might be working on something that is kind of a revival of Knights of the Old Republic game.

Meanwhile, Robertson thinks that the game might evolve into something more than just a remake. Although, the details remain unclear as of the moment. He also noted that while still has not received any official release date, the game has been in development for a little while now.

It appears that the project started as a remake and suspected to evolve as time passes which would bring new contents or perhaps new gameplay experiences and adventures. The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake was considered as a blueprint for the original game and BioWare is currently prototyping the said title.

Interestingly, fans are curious what the future updates bring to the table regarding the upcoming title. Though it is said that the game's arrival remains unclear, however, it appears that fans might expect a new entry from the popular gaming franchise soon. Whether it is a fully remastered version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or not, fans should still be pleased with the Studio's effort to bring back the popular classic RPG game.


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