Dragon Of The North DLC Is Coming To Nioh Soon, Details Here

By Nicole Fairchild , Apr 13, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Finally, the first ever DLC for Nioh will be available soon and it is called Dragon of the North. Team Ninja will focus on the story of William as he travels a new map that is part of the upcoming content. In addition, there will be new armor and stages in the soon-to-be released DLC.

According to Segment Next, the upcoming DLC for Team Ninja's RPG will revolve around William and his quest to find a dragon named Masamune Date. It is a one-eyed dragon who collects spirit stones.

While William is in search for Masamune Date in Oshu, he will face the Yokai, which will make his quest harder. Other than that, the players will still be facing the same stages but a lot harder compared before. Thankfully, there is a new weapon called odachi.

Team Ninja has not yet describe what odachi will be but players should know that it will help them defeat any enemy who will try to stop them in getting to Masamune Date. In addition, there will be new weapons, skills and set of Guardian spirits who will aid players in their battle.

Other than those features, Dragon of the North DLC will bring a PvP in Nioh, as per VG247. It only means that players can challenge one another and try to defeat whoever may be the weaker between them. Obviously, Team Ninja is making it difficult for everyone to beat the game.

The Dragon of the North DLC will cost the players $9.99 and it will go live on May 2. However, they can purchase the season pass for Nioh with a price of $24.99. The pass will also contain two DLCs namely Defiant Honor and Bloodshed's End.

If players are already getting bored with Nioh, the Dragon of the North DLC might change their mind. The developer promises that the said DLC will make the game harder to beat, especially with the introduction of a new enemy and stages.

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