Niantic Launches A New Twitter Account For Community Support

Due to multiple concerns regarding the popular augmented reality game, Niantic has released its new Twitter account dedicated to community support. It will be attending to trainers who encountered particular issues along the way.

According to Otakukart, these problems are mostly with GPS spoofing or some glitches encountered within the game. The report said that players should be able to get rid of these annoying issues quickly with these new Twitter account. Before the introduction of this new Twitter account, tons of players felt hopeless as the majority of their reports were somehow ignored. It is said that Niantic provided zero assistance other than the topics that it has viewed.

Meanwhile, the community support Twitter account have already tweeted some useful information such as a troubleshooting guide. A tweet about refining the time required to respond to present Help Center tickets were also seen. It also posted about providing more detailed patch notes for future Pokémon GO updates. Lastly, it appears that Niantic is considering about transferring the game account between various emails based on the tweet.

By far, there are only two people working on the community support account. They come with a tag of "^TR" and "EP". Players are recommended to approach these two regarding the problems encountered in-game for immediate help. Apparently, it is a great move by Niantic on connecting and constantly attending to its player base's concerns, which it lacked since the game arrived last year.

For those who want to know Niantic's new community support Twitter account, look for the username @NianticHelp on Twitter and it is recommended for players to follow the said account to keep updated regarding the changes and future guides about the game. Lastly, the majority of the players are hoping that this new service offered by Niantic would continue to get better as time passes.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.


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