Pokemon GO v0.61, v1.31 Known Issues And Fix

Niantic has launched a brand new update for Pokémon GO in both Android and iOS platforms. The game's version is now 0.61 on Android and 1.31 on iOS. However, it appears that the new patch is not performing well on several devices. The report says that there are many issues that players encountered recently, specifically the GPS hang-ups and battery drain.

According to IBTimes, these issues have been confirmed through multiple threads from The Silph Road. It is said that the classic "GPS Not Found" error has been frequently annoying players in the recent Pokémon GO updates, especially on Android. Apparently, players are suggested to uninstall and reinstall the app or clear the app's cache to fix this error. It is noted that they might lose some data in the process.

On the other hand, players should also try to toggle their connections if the above method will not work. For newer Android phones, there is a setting for advanced GPS features. Tap the locating method and select high accuracy. It would cause a huge boost to the signal, although it can greatly drain the battery life in return.

Aside from the GPS error issue, there are also problems regarding the massive Battery Drain. It is recommended to turn on the Low Power Mode on iOS and Battery Saver mode on Android. While this mode might disable some features in running in each device, it will definitely help prevent the battery to drain faster. Alternatively, it is also suggested for players to try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Pokémon GO version as well.

The new Pokémon GO patch is nothing major as it only features several bug fixes and issues on Eggs. As of now, players are patiently waiting for Niantic's announcement on the possible arrival of Easter Event. In addition, they are waiting for the upcoming major patches arriving at the game soon that are expected to bring lots of changes in Pokémon GO.


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