New Features Coming To Clash Of Clans Via Next Update

There are lots of things players want to see in Clash of Clans. From new features to new troops to new spells, these are all part of their wishful thinking. Interestingly, Supercell is believed to finally introduce a highly anticipated feature. What exactly is it?

According to Latin Post, a major update has just landed to Clash of Clans recently. It's meant for this month of April and is specifically developed for a very particular feature. This basically serves as an activator for the battleships, something that fans have been dying to see and experience.

The aforementioned Clash of Clans update will also activate the ships for looting (aside from being used in battles). It is worth noting that this has long been a rumor dating back last year. Players have always wondered why certain ships exist in the game. In the past, they speculated that Supercell will soon give life to them. That players will finally be able to put them into good use.

Finally, Supercell has made things official in Clash of Clans. That these ships will soon go into war following the release of the major April update. In fact, the studio has been hinting about its upcoming existence. One of the most notable one is the ship that can be seen on one of the company's ads for the mobile game. One of the studio's representatives confirmed that the ship the fans saw is called the Flying Dutchman.

ReckNews, on the other hand, notes that acquiring the ship in Clash of Clans will not be easy. That's because players will have to comply various sets of requirements before they're able to utilize it. However, details about these in particular remain a mystery. Supercell has yet to officially reveal what these will be. Furthermore, the studio is also expected to release another major update, which is likely to arrive before June.

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