Gears Of War 4 To Have Cross-Play In Ranked Matches

By Nicole Fairchild , Apr 14, 2017 05:16 AM EDT

Other than adding seasons, The Coalition is planning to allow Xbox One and PC users compete with one another in ranked matches for Gears of War 4. While cross-play between PC and Xbox One was made available later this year, it was limited to social matches only. This was received with a couple of reactions from PC players not having enough choices to compete.

Get Ready For Cross-Play Ranked Matches In Gears Of War 4

As confirmed, The Coalition will now make ranked matches in Gears of War 4 more complex. According to VG247, as PC players got bored with cross-play social matches, they have been looking for something new in the game. This is the reason why the developer will now allow battles between PC and Xbox One users in ranked matches.

Not to disadvantage Xbox one users though, the developer has given the players a toggle to activate or deactivate ranked matches participation. This option will provide Xbox users the free-will as some have commented that they might be a little inferior to PC gamers as it is much more easier ergonomically to play the game with mouse and keyboard.

As for PC players, the toggle will not be an option. Hence, all players will automatically be part of the ranked matches. The Coalition will also provide an update for improving the playlists. The Core playlist, the TDH and KOTH will now have a rotation. The Competitive Playlist will have Competitive Warm Up and Escalation.

New Changes In Gears Of War 4 Happening Next Month

As per GameSpot, next month, a new update will be released to compensate for the few playlist available to players of Gears of War 4 in PC. The update will affect the Ranked and Filed and Seriously 4.0 achievements, which will now be difficult to obtain, as players need to rank in the playlist first. The Coalition is determined to make the matches a lot harder but it is for their benefits, and assure everyone of fair play, as others rank up easily.

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