More Reasons Why Prey Is Worth Taking A Shot

A brand new first-person action adventure game is arriving soon, which is considered to be one of the next big thing for the console and PC platforms. Apparently, there are lots of misconception regarding what's really the nature of the game. Prey is developed by Arkane, which why some assume that it will be like Dishonored in space. Other also assumed it to be more like Bioshock in space, as the game is set in a lovely art-deco environment that turned to chaos. However, it is neither of these two games.

As PCGamesN reported, Prey is a disturbing, cold-blooded game, which features terrifying moments of Alien: Isolation residues. Most importantly, it is noted that the upcoming game brings a distinctly old-school PC in its gameplay.

Apparently, Prey has lots of things why players need to reconsider having the game on their list. First, the core of the game's plot is an exciting conspiracy tale and it does not take too much time getting there. Next, the game is tough and challenging similar to usual game titles. The game's setting is an exceptionally atmospheric space station that possesses a real sense of place.

In addition, players can jab a needle in their eye to upgrade their brain. The DNA splicing could turn players to aliens if they get carried away. Lastly, as what mentioned above, the game has classic PC difficulty which can be a bit nostalgic to most gamers.

Prey could take players on an alien-infested space station where no one could hear their screams and demands. As a result, it requires them to do the best they can to survive which needs lots of strategies, perseverance and perhaps a few tears.

It is interesting to see how the further details could lead players as the game's official release nears. Furthermore, it was reiterated that Prey is not a Dishonored in space and it is worth for players to consider grabbing the game when it officially arrives this coming May 5.


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