Plans For Resident Evil 8 Already Under Development; Details Here

The Resident Evil franchise has been on a decline from over the past several years. It was said that the series went off track from what made it great. However, Capcom managed to redirect its path launching a brand new approach that delivers a brand new Resident Evil experience for their fans. The latest Resident Evil 7 entry draws from the original horror survival formula, which was received fairly well.

As a result, it would naturally lead for some players to wonder when would be the next entry in the series. Apparently, it appears that the plans for the next game are now in motion. Jun Takeuchi, the series' executive producer recently revealed via the latest BTS video series of Resident Evil 7 that the team has already talked about Resident Evil 8's arrival. He also hinted that the upcoming game would be more different from Resident Evil 7 in many ways.

Meanwhile, Takeuchi discussed the mindset of the development team at Capcom while making Resident Evil 7. He noted that the series would continue to evolve moving forward with its future installments. That means they planned on keeping each game fresh while retaining the formula of what makes the series great, as Attack of the Fanboy reported.

As for Resident Evil 8, Takeuchi said that the team has various ideas to consider while thinking how they can continue to evolve the game itself. Perhaps, players would be getting more challenging situations within the game in the future. The current game is reported to be the start of all things moving to the future installments.

It is quite interesting to see that the development team has bigger plans for the series going to the future. However, Resident Evil 7 is in good shape to start things with. Hopefully, Capcom won't blow its chances this time.

Resident Evil 7 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS VR and Xbox One.


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