‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 87 Spoilers: The Spaceship Unit Revealed, Android 17's Upgrade?

By Dez Bryant , Apr 14, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

When TOEI Animation and V Jump Magazine revealed multiple spoilers about “Dragon Ball Super”, episode 87 is one of the most talked about topic. Apparently, the spaceship that they are talking about is from a Galactic Poachers. Also, there are numerous speculations that Android 17 will have an upgrade.

Episode 87: ‘Hunt The Poachers’

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 87 titled “Hunt The Poachers! Goku And No. 17’s Joint Battle” will be airing on April 23rd. The setup was already revealed last week but thanks to the help of @Herms98, fans have now a clear idea on what Goku and Android 17 is dealing with. The spaceship that appeared in front of Goku and Android 17 is actually true. However, the spaceship is not sent by the Gods of Destruction as some of the “Dragon Ball Super” experts suggest. According to @Herms98, the spaceship is from Galactic Poachers.

The Galactic Poachers are from another Universe who travels from one planet to another. Like any other poachers, their main intention is to capture exotic or wild animals by force. Everybody knows that Android 17 is now a park ranger, which means that he needs to stop the Galactic Poachers by any means necessary. Unfortunately, these Galactic Poachers have some unusual abilities as well. Goku will then helped Android 17 to battle the Galactic Poachers and help free the animals that were captured.

Super Android 17

There’s a theory right now in a thread on Reddit that Android 17 might have gotten an upgrade. The thread was actually created by one of the main sources for “Dragon Ball”. This theory is also supported by multiple YouTubers and here’s how they see it. With Android 17 out of the picture for an extended amount of time, this bloodthirsty fighter developed an unlikely skill. As shown on “Dragon Ball Heroes”, Android 17 has the ability to absorb power. Basing on the other series as well, Android 17 has the full potential to become a super Android.

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