NFL Trade Rumors: Richard Sherman To Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo To Browns In Blockbuster Three Team Trade Deal

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 15, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

The hottest NFL trade rumors are now circulating around Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. He has been in the center of such rumors in recent weeks. Now, he is hauling another name, that of Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots, in a supposed blockbuster three-team trade deal.

The Seahawks Are Entertaining Offers For Sherman

There are recent reports saying that John Schneider, Seahawks General Manager, is ready to entertain offers for their cornerback. Apparently, Sherman has also confirmed that he is now in this situation. These have sparked NFL trade rumors that the Seahawks are looking forward to a huge blockbuster trade deal this coming 2017 NFL draft.

According to some pundits, Sherman will likely end up with the New England Patriots. However, the Patriots are concerned about the high asking price of Sherman. Additionally, The Seahawks are rumored to be asking for a Darrelle Revis-style trade for Sherman. This situation might change now since there are NFL trade rumors saying the Seahawks are dropping Sherman's price.

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Also Involved

This blockbuster trade deal also involves Patriots' quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo being traded to the Cleveland Browns. Although this doesn't make sense to a lot of football fans, they still can happen if given the right conditions. Some NFL trade rumors suggest that this will be a good move for all the three NFL teams concerned.

Here Is The Trade Scenario

In this three-team blockbuster deal, the trade scenario is: the Patriots will get Sherman enabling them to improve their defense. NFL trade rumors say that this would increase the Patriots' chances in defending their NFL title. Likewise, if the Cleveland Browns acquire Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots, they will get the quarterback they've been wishing for years.

Lastly, the Seahawks gets the No. 12 overall pick and a conditional fourth-round pick from the Browns. In addition, the Browns will also send their No. 33 pick overall to the Patriots. As mentioned before, although these are only NFL trade rumors, they still make sense to those who are involved if the conditions are right.

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