The Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plan You Should Know About

We all want unlimited data on our cell phone plans so we can indulge to social media and entertainment contents to our hearts' desires. Despite promises of unlimited ones, cell phone companies usually have network speeds at 22 GB and 30 GB, and often times slow down once you've reached your month's limit. So, it's best to find out which among the four popular American telecommunications giants can actually give you the best phone plan: T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

First is T-Mobile which is the first wireless carrier to offer the unlimited cell phone plan service. It has one of the most popular offerings in the industry, and it's extremely popular for a good reason: it's loaded with a lot of features at an attractive price point. With a price rate of $70 for a single line; $100 for two lines; $140 for three lines; $160 for four lines, it provides up to 30 GB of high-speed data, unlimited voice and data service in Mexico and Canada, unlimited call and text in 140 countries, 10GB of mobile hotspot data, and full HD video streaming.

Second is AT&T Unlimited Plus which is pricier than any of unlimited cell phone plan rivals at $90 for a single line; $145 for two lines; $165 for three lines; $185 for four lines. According to the Popular Mechanics, the rest of its features are similar with the T-mobile, except it gives you only up to 22 GB of high-speed data, and doesn't offer free talk and text to 140 countries. Third on the list is Sprints Sprint Unlimited which has been gradually losing subscribers, so they try to make up for it by offering $50 for a single line; $90 for two lines; and every line up to five is free afterward.

Sprint has the same basic offers like T-mobile, but it only has up to 23 GB of high-speed data before throttling and has unlimited texting and 2G data globally. Finally, Verizon Unlimited has excellent network quality, and can be enjoyed at $80 for a single line; $140 for two lines; $160 for three lines; $180 for four lines. You can have up to 22GB of high-speed data before throttling, up to 500MB of high-speed data per day, and $10 monthly credit for Verizon FiOS customers for up to 25 months.

Overall, the one which can serve you the best cell phone service experience depends on a few things: price, high-speed data, additional perks, and how they fare when you're traveling. According to Tom's Guide, T-mobile tops the rest when it comes to these important features. For a more in-depth comparison of the four plans, check out the video to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

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