Welcome Back, Darling: Nokia 3310 Returns As A Charming Classic Device

The much-awaited return of the tiny classic Nokia 3310 was delightfully palpable when HMD Global unveiled it together with its newest lineup of Nokia phones. The resurrected device is overdosed with nostalgia, with only subtle changes in its design to make it fit in the modern phone world. It's clear that the trusted phone company has put a lot of thinking, and a touch of sentimentality, on how they built this beloved phone so that it deserves a warm welcome back party.

Although the company proudly introduced its newest lineup of Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and the global variant of the Nokia 6, what became the highlight of the launch event was the modern rendition of one of the most reliable phone on the planet. There is so much substantial hype being circulated around the internet and the phone market about this little darling. So it's really nice to see that the device has retained its sheer simplicity and portability, which is so unlike today's oversized smartphones.

According to BGR, the new Nokia 3310 is no longer designed like a "brick". It is now a rounder, colorful and lighter feature phone. Most importantly, given the plastic body and a removable back panel, the new 3310 looks as durable as ever. It could most likely survive a drop from a decent height.

According to Independent, the phone's keypad would take time getting used to since we have now been so acclimated with touch screen feature. Also, the 3310’s main keys have been altered, such as the omission if the large blue button along with the "C" and arrows buttons. These have been replaced by a square-shaped central keypad and ‘call’ and ‘end call’ buttons.

The small monochrome display of Nokia 3310 is now a larger, sharper and far superior 320 x 240colorr screen too. The battery life now has an extraordinary 22 hours of talk time after a single charge. All in all, its sentimental value plus the pleasant and satisfying performance and features of this classic device makes it worth your money.

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