‘Girls’ Season 6 Spoilers: Hannah Has A Son Now And She's Close To Marnie

"Girls" Season 6 had its series finale episode on Sunday, April 16. Episode 10, called "Latching," showed a five-month time lapse. The finale shows Hannah Horvath as a mother of a son, Grover. Here's a warning: there are spoilers ahead.

"Girls" Season 6 finale shows Hannah living in a small town in New York. She is getting prepared to a teacher of online writing. The finale episode was also about how close she has got with Marnie. Shoshanna, on the other hand, has decided to stay away from them. Marnie is now involved with Grover's upbringing more than ever. She even asked Hannah if she could raise Grover. While Hannah refused to accept the offer, she definitely appreciated it. Nevertheless, Marnie continues to share her motherhood experience with Hannah and asked her to breastfeed her son. Hannah begs to differ. She tells Marnie that she grew up to be amazing, even though she was not breastfed when she was an infant.

The International Business Times notes that Hannah finds the pressure of motherhood too much at times. She also got upset when Marnie asked help from her mother. Hannah does not want her mother to know how messy her life is at the moment. She has a rush of angst and goes outside. She finds a woman, who did not have any pants on. When Hannah comes to know that the young woman fought with her mother over her boyfriend, the mother in her wakes up and she gets furious at her. Hannah comes home only to find her mother and Marnie taking care of Grover. She feels extremely happy about it.

Jenni Konner, who directed the "Girls" Season 6 finale, earlier told the Los Angeles Times that Marnie might not stay with Hannah forever. However, she is going to stay with Hannah for a while now to help her take care of the baby. The finale episode proves the importance of her presence, as she takes care of Grover when Hannah loses control over her emotions.

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