Did Charles Barkley Cross The Line With His Comments Towards Isaiah Thomas?

By Dez Bryant , Apr 18, 2017 04:53 AM EDT

Charles Barkley is known for being too honest with his commentary and yesterday, numerous fans are furious about him due to his insensitive comments about Isaiah Thomas. The only question is, did Barkley really cross the line?

Charles Barkley’s Statement Taken Out Of Context

To put it in perspective, Denzel Washington said it best, “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed, If you do read it you’re misinformed”. This perfectly sums up on what happened with Charles Barkley’s commentary. For those who haven’t watch their segment in NBA on TNT, Charles Barkley used the word “uncomfortable” to describe what his feeling towards Isaiah Thomas. Before the game even started, a video was shown of Isaiah Thomas crying while his teammate Avery Bradley was trying to console him.

The guys from NBA on TNT provided their personal opinions on the situation that Isaiah Thomas is in. However, it seems that the public is taking Charles Barkley’s comment out of context. A lot of guys might disagree but they can watch again the video clip. Charles Barkley didn’t disrespect Isaiah Thomas or the death of his sister. Barkley was simply stating that it is very hard for him to watch Isaiah Thomas play knowing the burden that he is dealing with right now. Sir Charles even compared his situation before when his brother died and totally understand where Isaiah Thomas is coming from.

ESPN's First Take Host Shared Their Opinions

ESPN's First Take hosts Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman also chimed in with the controversy that Barkley “created”. Surprisingly, both of them see Charles Barkley’s comment as sympathy statement. Stephen A. Smith articulated that if Charles Barkley crosses the line, the great Ernie Johnson should have butted in immediately. Their show NBA on TNT is a multiple Grammy award winner for a reason. The only problem with Charles Barkley’s comment is the misuse of the word “uncomfortable”.

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