Bill O’Reilly Kicked Out At Fox News For Sexual Harassment Allegations

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 20, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

It is official: Fox News has kicked out famous TV personality Bill O'Reilly from his job as a news anchor on the "O'Reilly Factor." This development came after a number of allegations that the TV host has committed inappropriate sexual acts against several women. Are there any real proofs of O'Reilly's sexual harassment issues?

Fox News Conducted A Thorough Investigation

Fox News Channel, through an official statement, revealed that the network came to this decision after conducting a careful and thorough investigation of the sexual harassment charges against the TV personality. The official statement added that Bill O'Reilly and the network have agreed that the TV news anchor will no longer return to his job.

Bill O'Reilly Continues To Deny These Allegations

On his part, however, Bill O'Reilly continues to deny he has committed any sexual harassment act against another person. He even said that it disheartens him so much that these unfounded allegations have forced him to leave Fox News Channel. It seems the network feels the same way because an internal company memo signed by Rupert Murdoch even praised O'Reilly as an accomplished personality in cable news history.

Did Fox News Fire Him Because Of Advertisers?

But apparently, Fox News has to make this difficult decision because advertisers are leaving. There were rumors that the cable news channel has paid out five women approximately $13 million to settle their sexual harassment charges. These women have alleged that Bill O'Reilly committed inappropriate sexual acts against them.

Major consumer brands pulled out their advertisements from Fox News earlier this month. Apparently, this happened because of the fallout from the Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment issues. The situation even forced 21st Century Fox to investigate the TV host's behavior.

The situation must have come to a head last Tuesday when the Ultra Violet group members gathered outside the offices of Fox News. They were demanding the network to fire Bill O'Reilly. Shaunna Thomas, a co-founder of the group, said Bill O'Reilly is a bigot, a serial sexual predator and that he will not be missed.

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