Jinger Duggar Quashes Pregnancy Rumors By Wearing Pants While Visiting Waco, Texas With Her Sisters

It seems Jinger Duggar has effectively quashed the rumors that she is pregnant with the latest photos posted on Instagram. The latest images of the Duggar daughter wearing pants reveal that she has no baby bump whatsoever. These latest photos reveal an entirely different thing from what sparked the pregnancy rumors last month.

The Duggar Sisters Were Visiting Waco, Texas

The Duggar daughters were in Waco, Texas on a family trip. Jinger was with her sisters Jessa and Jana, together with the Ben Sewald, Jessa's husband and their two kids, Spurgeon and Henry. Apparently, the Duggar sisters visited the place to see the Magnolia Market of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Jinger and Jessa documented their visit by taking photos and posting them on Instagram.

Jinger Wore Pants To Quell Pregnancy Rumors?

Far from their residence in Arkansas, it appears that Jinger Duggar felt free to wear pants instead of a long skirt. As if to quell those pesky pregnancy rumors, she elected to wear this attire on this occasion. Fans of the Duggar family know about their dress code for women: knee-length skirts. Other dress styles are seldom worn by women in the Duggar Family.

People Can Misinterpret What They See In Pictures

Other reports put the blame on how people interpret what they see in pictures. They say that some photos taken of Jinger Duggar make it appear that she is indeed pregnant. However, those are only pictures that are prone to be misinterpreted just like what sparked Jinger's pregnancy rumors.

Even some of the photos posted on Instagram by the Duggar daughters on their Waco, Texas visit can give the impression that Jinger is pregnant. However, with her wearing pants, it seems she is really intent on quashing those pregnancy rumors.

Jinger Has Not Verbally Responded To These Pregnancy Rumors

To date, Jinger Duggar has yet to respond to these persistent pregnancy rumors. There are no announcements coming from the Duggars in this regard. The Duggar Family is known to give their announcements in a timely manner. And since the Duggar sisters were visiting far off Waco, Texas, it appears that Jinger is not really pregnant.

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