The 'Deadwood' Movie Script Ready For Production

By Dez Bryant , Apr 20, 2017 06:30 AM EDT

A few years ago, fans were delighted when HBO unveiled a new type of TV series called “Deadwood. The show was so successful it won numerous awards but it ended prematurely. Today, fans learned that “Deadwood” revival script was already finished, thanks to Ian McShane.

‘Deadwood’ Legacy

The year was 2004 when out of nowhere HBO released a massive hit called “Deadwood”. The setting of the show is during 1870’s at Deadwood, South Dakota. At first glance, it looks like “Deadwood” is just another Western TV series. However, it thus consists of numerous spin-offs and entailing storyline that is new when it comes to American Western TV. The show has a total of 36 episodes spanned in 3 seasons then all of a sudden, HBO pulled the trigger.

‘Deadwood’ Revival

Fans were absolutely shocked and upset with how the series ended. It was also evident in their last season that from a 93% rating, it went down to 85%. To date, fans are still puzzled on why HBO ended the TV series abruptly. According to numerous reports, there was a tension building between the producers and HBO. There were also various speculations stating that the cast and crew seem to have a problem but there was no evidence shown. Ian McShane dropped the bomb when he was interviewed by TV Line.

According to McShane, the script is ready for production and is just waiting for a go signal from HBO. There is no title provided yet but the new project will be a two-hour movie, not a new season of “Deadwood”. Basically, the movie will provide an answer to the cliffhangers that were created during season 3. Some fans on social media had already expressed their excitement about the revival and they can’t wait to see if the show will still have the same cast.

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