‘Prison Break' Season 5 Updates: Michael Scofield Dead?

By Dez Bryant , Apr 17, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

The reboot of one of the most iconic TV series of all time was finally revealed. “Prison Break” season 5 showed its fans that Michael Scofield is alive. However, with the recent comment from its executive producer, fans are now bothered if Scofield will last until the last episode of the series.

‘Prison Break’ Reboot

When the idea of “Prison Break” reboot was pitched to its producers, the main question was about Michael Scofield’s story. For those who forgot, Michael Scofield was presumed dead. However, it was not shown in the main series but it was revealed in a TV Special called “The Final Break”. Sara and Michael were about to get married but she ended up being arrested by the authorities due to the crime that she committed to free Michael.

Scofield’s Death

Michael Scofield then decided to move in order to free Sara. Being the escape artist that he is, Scofield was able to get in and was able to get hold of Sara. When they were about to leave the prison, one of the key cards was not working. Scofield then knew that the only way to open up the door is to override the system by creating a power surge. Sara didn’t like the idea first but she understood the situation. Michael Scofield then connected the wires electrocuting him while the door was opening.

Although Scofield was shown alive, he opened up the series stating that he already died. Fans were puzzled with the statement considering that the executive producer just mentioned that this will be Wentworth Miller’s last appearance in the series. If Michael Scofield will die as most of the fans believe, when and how will he die? Who is going to carry the show moving forward? Will Lincoln Burrows be able to solve the problem that they have since the beginning? All of those questions will be answered soon.

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