‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: How Goku And Universe 7 Team Can Win The Tournament Of Power; Universe 6 King Of Saiyans Joining?

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 21, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

The latest "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers suggest that strategy will be more important than brute strength in winning the matches in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Although having enormous powers to unleash is very important, it may not be enough for Goku and the Universe 7 team. When fighters of equal strengths are pitted against each other, the right strategy can make a big difference.

Goku Needs To Use His Power To Teleport

Goku has the power to teleport his enemies. However, it seems he is reluctant to use this power. When the Tournament of Power starts in "Dragon Ball Super" and he finds himself or his Universe 7 team on the verge of being defeated, he must not hesitate to use this power of teleportation. Goku can teleport his opponents outside the arena. Outside the platform, his enemies cannot fly inside since the Munokai cancels this ability.

Majin Buu Should Use His Magic Powers

Majin Buu has the power to turn his enemies into chocolates. Therefore, Majin Buu can just change his opponents to chocolates. And once his enemies become chocolates, they can get them off the platform and then restore them to their former state. Some spoilers of "Dragon Ball Super" suggest that the opponents of Universe 7 are not aware of this power of Majin Buu.

Universe 7 Team Members Should Use The Taiyoken

The Taiyoken is a solar flare that was first used by Ten Shin Han. This power was used by Krillin against Gohan. The solar flare can blind one's opponent. If Goku and the other members of Universe 7 unleash this power against their opponents, they can easily win the Tournament of Power.

Is The King Of Saiyans Joining The Universe 7 Team?

There are "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers suggesting that the King of Saiyans of Planet Sadla of Universe 6 is joining the team of Goku. Fans will recall that Planet Sadla originally existed in Universe 7. But it collapsed and its inhabitants retreated to another planet in Universe 6. Perhaps, if the team of Universe 7 is defeated, it will be obliterated, and so will Universe 6. This could be the primary reason why this King of Saiyans will join Goku's team.

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