‘One Piece' Chapter 863 Spoilers: Mother Caramel’s Portrait Destroyed; Katakuri’s Power Revealed

The latest chapter of “One Piece” manga has finally been released. It picks up from Luffy’s grand entrance from the previous chapter and the new chapter is crazier than ever. The wedding ceremony has turned into a chaos and it’s up to everyone to play their roles to get out of it alive.

Big Mom Enraged Over Luffy Destroying The Cake

“One Piece” Chapter 863 continues the Whole Cake Arc and the alliance’s plan to save Sanji and kill Big Mom is finally put into play. In the previous chapter, Luffy made a surprising entrance to set off the assassination plan and it was revealed in the new chapter how this was planned. As it turns out, it was Luffy’s idea all along to place the mirror on the cake so he can make his grand and distracting entrance.

Before the tea party, Luffy then forced Brulee to make hundreds of copies of him so they can let them out of the cake as well. At present time, Luffy emerges from the huge wedding cake along with his countless copies and Big Mom is enraged that the cake was destroyed. She gets into a killing frenzy, demanding her chefs to make a new wedding cake on the spot and instead killed them when they couldn’t do so.

Charlotte Katakuri’s Power Revealed

Katakuri, also known as Dogtooth, was able to figure out the real Luffy among the hundreds of copies. However, instead of being commended by Big Mom, the latter scolds him for trying to save someone strong like her. "One Piece" Chapter 863 reveals further how Big Mom badly treats her children, calling Katakuri a lowly child of hers.

During the chaos, Katakuri was able to subdue the real Luffy by using his Mochi Mochi No Mi power. According to Jinbe, Katakuri is a Logia-type user. His Mochi power lets out projectiles of sticky material, which even Luffy can’t get out of.

Jinbe And Brook To The Rescue; Mother Caramel’s Gone

Things were getting out of hand and because of Katakuri’s ability to see a part of the future, Capone Bege, and Luffy’s plan is being thwarted. Jinbe steps in to save the day and confronts the angry Big Mom. During this scene, he tells Big Mom that he will be leaving her crew for the Straw Hats Pirates and despite Big Mom’s threat, she wasn’t able to suck out Jinbe’s soul because Jinbe wasn’t scared of her at all.

While Jinbe distracts Big Mom, Katakuri, and the rest of his heroic act, Brook comes out of nowhere and destroy’s Mother Caramel portrait. This was unexpected and it was even surprising that Katakuri did not see that happening. Katakuri was already aware that Luffy was after Mother Caramel’s photo and got worried how they found about this crucial information that could lead to Big Mom’s downfall.

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