‘One Piece' Spoilers: Capone Bege Planning Something Else? Luffy's Grand Entrance Hinted

The popular adventure manga, “One Piece” has taken a break since it released Chapter 861. However, manga creator Eiichiro Oda has left several hints in the last chapter of what might happen in the ongoing Whole Cake Island Arc. There are hints leading to speculations that Capone Bege might be hiding more that Luffy’s entrance might be something he always wanted.

Luffy’s Grand Entrance Hinted

As revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 861, the wedding reception, which is also known as the tea party has finally commenced with the bride and groom, Charlotte and Sanji, eventually making their appearances. During the preparations, Capone Bege, who is in charge of the security of the tea party, has also been putting the preparations for Big Mom’s assassination plot into place. As readers would have noticed, some of his henchmen were wearing kitchen uniforms and there was even a whole page dedicated to introducing the chef and the making of the cake

This brought speculations that Bege has probably done something with the cake and it most likely plays a vital role in the alliance's assassination plot. It is possible that he is hiding within the cake the thing or person that could help in obtaining Mother Caramel’s photo and enraging Big Mom. It is believed that Luffy, who has formed an alliance with Bege, will emerge from the cake and carry out his role as the huge distraction they have assigned him to be. If this happens, Luffy's original plan of making a fun entrance will come true.

How Important Are The Straw Hats’ Roles?

Aside from the speculations arising from the cake, it seems like Capone Bege might have bigger plans. Given Bege’s past, it wouldn’t be a shock that he has always planned on betraying Big Mom and killing her. So, even without the alliance with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, he would have carried out the plan but to make a deal with them could mean Bege has planned something bigger.

The roles of the Straw Hat Pirates might be more than just a distraction as it might also be a way for Bege to get away with his actions by making them take the blame. It is presumed that aside Big Mom’s head, he might be after something else, which might help him become stronger. If this was the case, then it will also not come as a surprise since he is one of the supernovas aspiring to become one of the powerful pirates in the world.

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