NFL Trade Rumors: Oakland Raiders Out Of The Equation In Acquiring Marshawn Lynch, New England Patriots A Likely Destination

By Dez Bryant , Apr 21, 2017 04:33 AM EDT

Few more weeks and NFL season is about to start. There are plenty of teams who made a necessary addition to their roster but one of the biggest names in the game doesn’t have any team yet. Earlier, it was reported that the Oakland Raiders and Marshawn Lynch have an agreement already but that seems not to be the case. Also, the Patriots might be needing the services of Beastmode base on the current roster that they have.

Beastmode Itching To Return

Arguably one of the best running back in NFL history is making a comeback. Marshawn Lynch who prematurely retired last February 2016 is making some buzz around the league. It was reported way back January that Beastmode might be coming back due to his dropping some hints on his interviews. Well, it might happen but there’s no guarantee that he will play for the Oakland Raiders. Technically, Marshawn Lynch is still with Seattle Seahawks. However, a release paper was requested by his camp which means that Beastmode is now free to choose any team.

Oakland Raiders No Longer Interested With Beastmode?

The Oakland Raiders were the frontrunners in acquiring Beastmode. For those who aren’t familiar, Marshawn Lynch grew up in Oakland and it would be fitting for him to play for his home team. The only problem is, the deal might not happen due to some circumstances that both camps cannot resolve. Multiple sports analysts have some theories on why Raiders haven’t sign Marshawn Lynch yet but all of them are just pure speculations.

New England Patriots And Marshawn Lynch

Since signing with Oakland Raiders was put on hold, there are various teams who can use the services of Marshawn Lynch. One of them is the reigning Super Bowl Champions, New England Patriots. Now, this sounds crazy as Marshawn Lynch has some history against the Patriots but if both camps but their differences aside, New England Patriots has the chance to become back-to-back champions.

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