NBA Alert: New York Knicks To Trade Carmelo Anthony? Kristaps Porzingis On AWOL

A few days ago, basketball fans witnessed how dysfunctional the New York Knicks organization is. Phil Jackson, the President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks called out Carmelo Anthony stating that they are better without him and other teams in the NBA can use his services. Also, amidst the drama between Melo and Phil, Porzingis opted to remain in his beloved country, Latvia.

Phil Jackson Willing To Trade Carmelo

Apparently, the saga in the Big Apple is far from over. It has been a disappointing season for the New York Knicks which is encapsulated due to the endless issues on their management. Most of the fans were hopeful when Phil Jackson was named as their President for Basketball Operations last 2014 but turns to be a false hope. Ever since the Zen Master stepped in, their team hasn't gone to any playoffs.

During his recent interview, Phil Jackson called out his franchise player Carmelo Anthony. Jackson stated that their team haven’t enjoyed any success with Carmelo and opened up the possibility to trade his player to other teams. Carmelo Anthony fires back at Phil Jackson using an emoji and a picture of Leonardo DiCarpio in his movie Gatsby. If the trade will indeed happen, there are multiple teams who wants to acquire Melo’s services. LA Clippers, Boston Celtics, and Indiana Pacers have the biggest chance of landing the All-Star.

Kristaps Porzingis On AWOL

On the other hand, Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t want to be part of any drama that is surrounding his ball club. Porzingis have a scheduled interview the other day but he opted to stay in Latvia. According to some reports, Porzingis will go back a week after the pre-season. New York Knicks long time fan and sports analyst Stephen A. Smith was also furious with how Phil Jackson reacted and his decision making. Smith wants Jackson to get out of New York as he considers the Zen Master as a disgrace to the New York fans.

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