‘Once Upon A Time' Season 6 Spoilers: Captain Swan Wedding Revealed

Amidst from the allegations that the show has been canceled, “Once Upon A Time” just unveiled a teaser that could help raise their ratings. The Captain Swan wedding is long overdue already and this is the right time for them to release it.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Cancelled?

Fans are still shocked with the rumors that are surrounding “Once Upon A Time”. Apparently, there are multiple reports stating that this could be the very last season of the show. According to a respected web magazine, the series is not yet renewed which is very uncanny since “Once Upon A Time” has posted decent ratings. There were some episodes that didn’t live up to the hype of the fans but then again overall they are consistent.

A Story Book Ending

Perhaps there is a happy ending in “Once Upon A Time”. The musical episode which will be aired on May 7 will be extravagant as insider reported. Season 6 Episode 20 titled “The Song In Your Heart” will not only focus on the musical play but on the biggest wedding on the show. Entertainment Weekly was able to get a snapshot on Emma Swan(Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook’s(Colin O’ Donoghue) wedding.

The Wedding

Emma Swan looks astonishing in her white bridal dress while she was accompanied by her parents, Prince Charming(Josh Dallas) and Snow White(Ginnifer Goodwin). Jared Gilmore also known as Henry (Emma’s son) was seen next to Regina (Lana Parrilla). The production team hasn't encountered any problems during the taping, thus making it easy for them to finish the film. Ginnifer Goodwin commented on the storybook ending between Emma Swan and Captain Hook. Goodwin stated that Snow White will somehow make things uncomfortable first between Captain Swan but nevertheless, she will support them through their marriage. Episode 20 will also showcase 7 original songs and most of them were sung by the cast.

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