‘13 Reasons Why' Update: Did Alex Really Shot Himself?

By Dez Bryant , Apr 19, 2017 06:12 AM EDT

"13 Reasons Why" has taken the world by storm. The new series from Netflix has made it on top faster than any other series and continues to dominate the ratings. Fans were captivated by its explicit storyline and they are now puzzled with the last segment on Alex.

There were multiple questions that were created when Alex shot himself. Questions like, who picked up the phone? Was it really suicide attempt? Was there anybody else in the room when Alex pulled the trigger? All of those can be answered by re-watching the whole series.

Alex Attempted A Suicide

The very first indication that Alex shot himself is when he tore down the suicide posters. This might sound crazy but for those who have watched numerous crime scenes about suicide, these people tend to erase any evidence that they are attempting suicide prior to doing it. Second, when Alex requested or wanted to play the song Gloomy Sunday. The song was made famous by Billie Holiday and it talks about war, struggle, and despair in everyday life. However, the meaning was changed when multiple people tend to listen to this song before they commit suicide, thus labeling it as the “Hungarian Suicide Song”.

Who Picked Up The Phone?

Alex also quit the jazz band. Every musician knows that music is their salvation and Alex quitting the band is already a statement that he doesn’t care about anything at all. He was also having some stomachache which as per science, it is a symptom of a suicidal stress. Lastly, when Alex was recklessly driving the car when their main intention was just to scare Clay. As of the question on who picked up the phone? Multiple theories state that the police might be on the seen already when Zach was trying to call Alex. Prior to him attempting a suicide, Zach already sent out multiple texts to Alex but he didn’t receive any reply. This might have triggered Zach to call the authorities to check Alex out.

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