Mobile Legends: Patch 1.1.76 Adds New Gears; Nerfs Purify Again

By Kim Chan , Apr 21, 2017 08:16 AM EDT

Patch 1.1.76 has just been released on advanced servers and it brings about exciting new changes for all players in Mobile Legends - especially for those that love to pick Fighter and Mage heroes as Moonton just added three new items in the game: Bloodlust Axe, Disaster Truncheon, and Thunder Belt. Here are all the highlights for patch 1.1.76:

Mobile Legends: New Items

Bloodlust Axe - provides 70 physical damage and 20% cooldown reduction to the user. It has a unique passive called Bloodlust. Once active, 15% of the damage dealt by the hero will be converted into HP. As stated by Moonton, one of the most picked items by fighter heroes is the Tooth of Greed. However, the physical lifesteal of the item seems underwhelming and because of this, the developers have instead, created a "better" option for this type of heroes. Introducing Bloodlust Axe, the newest basic item in the game that provides high cooldown reduction and at the same time, provides a nice lifesteal effect. (Price: 1970)

Disaster Truncheon - provides 60 magic damage, 50 magic resistance and 10 percent cooldown reduction to the user. It has a unique passive called The Dead. Skill and abilities have a chance to reduce the target's magic resistance my 25 points, which lasts for five seconds. This item will give mages a versatile option especially when facing a hard-counter spellcaster.

Thunder Belt - provides 25 magic attack, 800 HP, 400 mana and 40 armor. It has a unique passive called Thunderbolt. After casting a skill, the next basic attack will also carry an additional 60% physical damage dealt as true damage and will slow down the target. Nearby targets will also be affected by the effect and occur once every 3 seconds. (Price: 2290)

Mobile Legends: Battle Spell Balance Changes

Weak - Cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds. Slow down effect increased from 50 percent to 70 percent. The Weak spell is arguably one of the least picked spells in the game and as a result, the developers have significantly buffed the spell to make it more relevant in competitive games.

Purify - Immunity from disables reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second. Cooldown increased from 120 seconds to 150 seconds. Despite the previous nerf on Purify, it is still considered as one of the best defensive and offensive battle spells in the game. As a result, Moonton decided to nerf the spell once again.

Check out the entire 1.1.76 patch notes in the video down below. Check back for more Mobile Legends news and updates!

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