Mobile Legends: Hilda Abilities Revealed

By Kim Chan , Apr 19, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

Earlier this week, a new hero was leaked via YouTube but the only information available at the time was the hero's name and loading screen. Hours following the reveal, Mobile Legends released the official screenshot of the hero confirming the said leak. This time around, Hilda's abilities have also been leaked and they may seem highly overpowered especially the hero's passive ability.

Mobile Legends : Hilda Abilities

Passive Ability. Once Hilda walks into a bush, she gets increased HP regeneration for X amount until she leaves the area. Furthermore, Hilda also gets a shield for X amount of her health during the entire duration. Persists for X amount of time after leaving the area.

First Skill. Clicking her first skill once will increase her movement speed for X amount while double tapping the ability will damage all enemies in front of her.

Second Skill. This ability deals X damage on the enemy(s?) in front of Hilda and knocking them back. The damage increases as Hilda's physical damage rises.

Ultimate Ability. Hilda will jump into the target enemy and deals high damage upon impact. Upon landing, the impact will also affect nearby enemies for a percentage of the damage inflicted on the primary target.

Hilda Power Of Megalith

Hilda will be called Power of Megalith and based on her skills; it is easy to point out that she will become a hard-hitting tank, capable of regenerating out of combat and jumping into the fray quickly. It is still unclear whether or not, her second ability will affect multiple targets but regardless of that, it is safe to say that she is going to be one of the best tank roamers in the game.

One of the best assets of Hilda is her mobility as a tank; giving her the ability to move in and out of combat and joining the havoc once amply healed from her passive. Hilda will be released on the next update on the advanced servers in Mobile Legends.

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