Why Soldier: 76 Is Now The Best Hero In Overwatch

Hero diversity is among the factors that makes Overwatch unique from its competitors. Each hero has his/her own story to tell along with different skills or abilities to offer. However, regardless of that, players have their own favorites -- they tend to play heroes whom they think are apt for them. Now, it's time to rank these characters and see which ones are on top or bottom.

In an article from Screen Rant, all 24 heroes of Overwatch have been ranked from worst to best. The publication states that this is in no way a template, as this could become outdated the moment the next patch arrives. It's just there to show that there are heroes who are simply better than the others, and this is something players need to accept from hereon. It's not like their favorites will always be on top.

To start the list, the Overwatch hero who is on the bottom is no other than Junkrat. Apparently, he's considered to be the least useful character in the game. Sure, anyone can play him easily and he's a fun hero to use; however, when it comes to competitive plays, a reliable DPS is far better than him. He might even be a trigger hero for the opposing Zarya, as he can charge her damage whenever the barrier is activated.

While it may be an interesting to see Junkrat at the bottom of the list, many Overwatch players would rather know who's on top (as well as the runner up). Well, it's no other than Soldier: 76. It's no wonder if many players will disagree, especially as he's among the hated heroes in the game. Many believe he's the only hero with a different style, something similar to Call of Duty.

In reality, Soldier: 76 has the ability to deal consistent, high-percentage damage in Overwatch. He can easily help bring down Reinhardt's shield or be a nightmare to most tank heroes in the game. Add to this his sprint and biotic field abilities, he can efficiently survive all by himself. Although, this hero wasn't always on top, with McCree being considered the heir to the DPS throne. With the recent buff Blizzard made, there is no doubting his capacity now.

Again, this is an Overwatch list that can change overtime. This is most especially with Blizzard's way of changing the game for the better. Take note; as Polygon reports, the studio is starting the shake the way winnings are acquired in the game's competitive play. To know more about the list, check out the Screen Rant link.

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