Genji In Overwatch Will Soon Reclaim Its Former Self

If there's one hero in Overwatch that has grown a love and hate relationship with the players, it's no other than Genji. The cyborg ninja, in his most organic form, has a high level of skill set (and may probably be the highest among other heroes). However, this has also become the main reason why people hate him, or perhaps hate the player using him. Regardless, Blizzard is bringing him back to his former glory.

According to VG247, there are talks in both Overwatch official forums and Reddit site about an upcoming significant change to Genji. This, in particular, will massively affect the hero's ultimate ability called the Dragonblade. Obviously, this won't go down without a debate.

Players are clamoring that the aforementioned Overwatch hero now takes an ample of time when it comes to swinging his sword. This happens right after using his ultimate, which, in one way or another, means less in swinging. This can even be noticed right after he dashes, making this special move somehow impossible to pull off.

The principal designer of Overwatch, Geoff Goodman, said that a tinkering in the background do exist. However, not all of these are aimed to make Genji's ultimate less powerful, contrary to popular belief. Basically, if one is to look at the last major patch, the number of swings players could get from the hero depends on the latency. So the higher the latency is, the more swings a player could acquire. This bug was fixed though, giving players less swings whenever using the ultimate.

Interestingly, Goodman iterated that they are planning to increase the Overwatch hero's swing speed overall. That way, he will be able to pull off the previous 7 swings, something that players have been longing for. Unfortunately, the studio is yet to be working on a patch that will cater this change.

In related Overwatch news, Kotaku reports about a significant change Blizzard did to the game. Well, flying cars now have wheels, when they're supposed to have none. The community took this as a joke, calling it as the biggest mistake the studio did. (Again, it's just a joke). Some said that as what Hanzo would utter, this is "unacceptable."

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