‘Haikyuu!!' Chapter 251 Spoilers: Inarizaki Uses Sneaky Tactics To Win? Saeko To The Rescue

The latest chapter of “Haikyu!!” has been released and it continues the first match between Karasuno High and Inarizaki High School at the Spring High National Tournament. The match has barely started and it seems like Karasuno is off to a bad start thanks to Inarizaki’s strategy.

Inarizaki’s Pillar Of Support Distracts Karasuno

The second rounds of the Spring High National Tournament have kicked off and Karasuno has been matched up with Inarizaki, a popular volleyball team. The said team is popular because of its talented players, which includes the skilled Miya twins, Atsumu and Osamu. However, in “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 251 the truth about Inarizaki’s popularity and reputation may have been born out of the efforts of the support of their school, which went to great lengths to disrupt their opponents on the court.

During the first match, whenever it’s Inarizaki’s turn to serve, the venue is quiet and still despite being full of their supporters but when it’s Karasuno’s turn to serve, Inarizaki’s cheer squad makes all kinds of noises, from booing to drum-beating. Sadly, their noise distraction is getting quite effective against Karasuno with the team scurrying and pressured. Only Coach Ukai has realized what Inarizaki is doing and Hinata and the rest have to get it together as soon as possible if they want to win the game.

Saeko Arrives And Here Comes Karasuno Mob To The Rescue

Fans have agreed that “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 251 was a frustrating chapter because of the lowly strategy Inarizaki is using to make Karasuno lose the match. However, just as things look bleak, Saeko arrives with the Karasuno Mob to liven up Karasuno’s side. Saeko is Tanaka’s older sister and she may have arrived late but she came prepared with all the people, costumes, banners, and the drums.

Fans are highly excited for the next chapter to see how things turn around especially when Karasuno finally gets their own cheering team, which is led by the greatest big sister in the manga. Saeko has always been there to watch Tanaka’s game and has sincerely supported his team since they started aiming for the nationals. It will be great seeing her go lengths to help the team win and beat Inarizaki at its sneaky game.

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