‘Haikyuu!!' Chapter 247 Spoilers: Strongest Twins Introduced; Karasuno Changes Strategy Against Inarizaki

The latest chapter of “Haikyuu!!” manga is out and it finally reveals the opening of the second round of matches in the ongoing Spring High National Tournament. Karasuno’s opponent has been revealed and it seems like it won’t be easy for them.

Karasuno Vs. Inarizaki High School

“Haikyuu!!” Chapter 247 opened up with Coach Kesihin Ukai remembering his conversation with his grandfather, Ikkei. The two of them have been hoping to see the Battle of the Trash Heaps, which they fondly refer to the showdown between volleyball rivals, Karasuno and Nekoma, because they represent crows and cats, respectively. Keishin wants his grandfather to see that match that they have always longed for but first Karasuno and Nekoma have to survive their respective matches.

While Nekoma has been pitted against Hayarukawa Tech in the second rounds of the Spring High National Tournament, Karasuno will be going against Inarizaki High School. Karasuno’s team met up the night before the match and Keishin revealed that they have to resort to total defense to slow down some of their opponent’s attacks. However, Keishin also revealed that he was thinking of changing their tactics and overall rotation so they can have a chance against Inarizaki.

Crowd’s Favorite, Inarizaki High School

Karasuno is nervous with their upcoming match against Inarizaki because the latter is one of the favorites in the Nationals, not to mention second strongest volleyball team in the country. Karasuno enumerated the players they have to look out for and it included Ojiro Aran, who is a formidable player considered even to match up to the country’s top three volleyball players. Another notable player is Inarizaki’s middle blocker, Suna Rintarou, who has a perfect game sense that enables him to get used to any kinds of attacks at a short time.

But Karasuno is more nervous about the fact that they are going against the strongest twin players in Inarizaki’s team. Miya Osamu and Miya Atsumu are the setters of Inarizaki’s team, who are popularly known as the Miya Brothers. Apparently, both are exceptionally skilled but Miya Atsumu is highly known to be a setter who has mastered the art of setting and even make perfect various serves, which made him earn awards as best server in middle school and inter-high tournaments. Even Kageyama has acknowledged Atsumu as a great player, which makes Karasuno even more nervous.

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