Apple Watch News: Series 3 Rumored, Users Flood 911 Line, And Artificial Sweat

By Edge Ison , Apr 24, 2017 04:58 AM EDT

Apple Watch is in the news lately though not all of them are good. For starters, the new Apple Watch NikeLab has just been released which is a good thing for smartwatch enthusiasts. Other news includes the rumored Apple Watch Series 3, an issue with 911 calls, and the use of artificial sweat in testing the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3

Although news of the supposedly upcoming Apple Watch 3 has been sporadic at best, there are a few that are slowly gaining some steam. One rumor coming from China's "Economic News Daily" is that the Apple Watch Series 3 will be coming sometime this fall of 2017. According to Tom's Guide, the release of the follow-up to the Apple Watch will coincide with that of the highly-anticipated iPhone 8. However, another rumor says this could be moved further to spring. As for the potential features, the new smartwatch will supposedly have 4G capabilities to allow users to stay connected even without a smartphone. Additionally, it will run on the watchOS 4 operating system, sport a microLED screen and have better battery life. The Apple Watch Series 3 will also come with a camera that will allow the user to make FaceTime calls. Other rumors that have surfaced include a possible Apple Watch with circular display and an external battery charger for the device.

Apple Watch Floods 911 with Calls

Apple was only thinking about consumers' welfare when it introduced the SOS safety tool. The feature allowed users to call 911 in the event of an emergency just by pressing the side button for more than three seconds. The Apple Watch will then connect to the owner's iPhone so it can call for help. While a noble move, the feature, unfortunately, caused not a few accidental calls to the emergency number.

Forbes advised Apple Watch owners to do three things to avoid calling 911 and save them the embarrassment of explaining to the emergency responders that it was all a huge misunderstanding. First, owners should be aware that there is such a feature. Second, find out how to stop the call before it's fully initiated. Finally, end the call before it gets through. Once the SOS feature is triggered, the wearable starts a warning countdown during which the owner can tap on the display to stop the call.

Apple Watch owners who prefer to shut down the feature can do so by first opening the Watch app and, on the "My Watch" menu, tap "General" and then "Emergency SOS". They can then turn off the "Hold to Auto Call" option by simply moving the slider beside it.

Apple Using Fake Sweats

The tech giant is using artificial sweat to test the Apple Watch. The company revealed that it makes its own fake sweat to see if the device will cause adverse reactions to the wearer. The Apple Watch uses stainless steel and other components that contain minerals such as nickel which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

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