Best Buy Restocking Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES Soon, Details Here

By Alessia Amherst , Apr 25, 2017 04:00 AM EDT
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Best Buy will be restocking on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo NES next week. Here are all the details fans need to take note of if they want to buy their own copies.

Nintendo Switch And Nintendo NES For Sale

Trying to find Nintendo's latest consoles has been a challenge for consumers lately. Due to the limited stocks, only very few people actually get to purchase their own systems. While fans may turn to sites like eBay, sometimes the prices go beyond the charts.

Luckily enough, it seems like one retail store will be stocking up on some of their gadgets next week so fans should prepare their wallets for when the time comes. According to COGconnected (press release), the said store will be getting the NES classic for $79.99 CAD or roughly $60. Similarly, they will also be getting a Switch bundle on April 28 that will come with the highly-anticipated Mario Kart 8. That bundle will cost $399.99 CAD or approximately $299, as per WWG.

Possible Limited Copies In Best Buy

Fans will have the option of either going to the store directly or buy it online instead. However, there has been no announcement to when they will launch these products on their site. Despite this, consumers should expect that window to be extremely brief so they should be prepared.

In line with this, consumers should also expect some log lines if they plan to walk in the store. Needless to say, those who desperately want their own units should fall in line much sooner than the others. Judging from previous experiences, it might seem like Best Buy will only have a limited stock of each item.

The Nintendo NES and Nintendo Switch are extremely hot items at the moment with fans fawning over classic games and modern titles like Breath of the Wild. Consumers will have to wait for further news about new stocks if they do not manage to get their hands on the units.

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