NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Wants To Join Lakers? Blake Griffin And Carmelo Anthony Could Be Switching Teams

Right after the Indiana Pacers lost their Playoff series against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, the Pacers might lose their franchise player as well. Apparently, Paul George stated to his friends that he wants to join the Lakers. Also, due to injuries and personal issues, Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin might switch places.

The NBA Playoffs is almost finished with their first round matchup series. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the first one to move to the second round and look to use the 7 days off to recuperate and prepare for a game plan. On the other hand, Indiana Pacers are the first one to be eliminated in the postseason. Paul George tried to spearhead his team but it was evident that a single superstar cannot beat a far more experienced team.

Paul George To The Lakers

Paul George is now the center of the attention after his first round exit. George who was involved in multiple trade talks might be heading his way out of Indiana. There are various teams who are interested in the services of Paul George. Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers are just a few of them. However, as per reports, Paul George stated that he wanted to wear the purple and gold uniform. With that said, the multiple All-Star might be going home to the Lakers and have a brand new start. If this will happen, the Lakers will not only have a dependable go-to-guy but a bright future for the entire organization.

Carmelo Anthony And Blake Griffin Might Switch Places

Carmelo Anthony’s saga in New York Knicks is far from over. Phil Jackson already stated that he is willing to trade Melo to another team. There are no confirmation yet if Carmelo Anthony will waive his no trade clause but with the issues that are going on right now with the Knicks organization, the best thing that Melo should do is to get out of the Big Apple. Clippers would be his likely destination to form a new dynamic duo with his buddy, Chris Paul. As for the New York Knicks, they could get Blake Griffin in a straight swap with Melo. Griffin might have lost his athleticism due to various injuries but he could still be a threat at the post.

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