NBA Playoffs Update: Cavs Swept The Pacers, Paul George Trade Plausible

The Cleveland Cavaliers just showed everybody especially the Indiana Pacers that they can flip the switch anytime they want to. The Pacers tried to storm back in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough against the mighty Cavaliers. With Indiana Pacers eliminated in the playoffs, Paul George's trade talks again reemerge.

Cavaliers Are Still The King Of The Mountain

When the series started, Indiana Pacers look poised to dethrone the defending champ, Cleveland Cavaliers. Paul George showed to the NBA world that he is still one of the toughest players to guard in the whole league. The versatile forward created various problems to the Cavaliers that led some turmoil between teammates LeBron James and Tristan Thompson. Prior to the playoffs, Paul George was praised by the multiple All-Star and soon to be Hall Of Famer Dwyane Wade. He stated that he wish he had the same game like George has because he is very smooth in everything that he does on the court.

Cavs Swept The Pacers

However, his domination on the first two games wasn't enough and it is visible that George is somehow worn out. LeBron James knew it that’s why he unleashes his timely counter attack. The 4x MVP didn’t only break the Pacers into pieces but he was somehow making fun of them. Cavaliers were pounded in game 3 which created a 26 point lead for the Pacers. Everybody thought that LeBron and the Cavs are going to lose the game as numerous memes already appeared while the game was still on. But, the premature celebration was cut when the Cleveland Cavaliers came back and defeated the Pacers in a historic win.

Goodbye, Paul George

Pacers look to bounce back a few hours ago but they ran out of gas. Paul George was shooting bricks and Lance Stephenson was the one carrying the Pacers on his back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the Cavaliers swept the Pacers. Paul George is now again on the trade market and it would be no surprise if he will wear the new uniform by next season. Among the teams who could be in dire need of the services of Paul George would be, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

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