Ubisoft Releases For Honor Patch 1.06, Details Here

It looks like For Honor fans are in for a huge treat from video game company Ubisoft. That's because the studio is set to release the highly anticipated patch 1.06 today. As teased before, it's going to bring a lot of interesting stuff to the game. From fixing the various in-game issue to balancing some heroes, this update is definitely worthwhile.

According to GamingBolt, the upcoming update to For Honor is slated to hit the shelves today. However, it's bound to arrive on the PC platform first, with consoles having to receive it a few days after. There's no specifics, though, as to when exactly. But as far as the entire developers of the game are concerned, they're bringing the update to live servers today.

As expected, the main focus of For Honor patch 1.06 is to bring stabilization to the game. It's worth noting that players have been complaining about various bugs and issues, along with a couple of glitches. This is where this update will make a living, resolving and/or fixing the said problems. But of course, there's more it than being a resolver.

The aforementioned For Honor update is also expected to introduce a couple of balance changes to some heroes. This includes the likes of the Peacekeeper, the Warden, the Berserker, the Lawbringer, Orochi and the Shugoki. And while some of them are getting buffed, others are being nerfed. Talk about balancing, yes.
Moreover, Ubisoft is looking to fix the never-ending framerate issues in For Honor. In order to fight this, the update will increase the framerates for the game's menus and matches. This is also believed to be a surefire way in tackling other known performance issues (connectivity being one), as reported by VG247.

The studio pointed out that they prioritized fixing the "network and performance" issues and optimized them in For Honor. Because if they don't, some areas of the game will simply not work accordingly; that these will only affect the overall stability of the game. Networking optimizations, in particular, will substantially help reduce the effects of having a player with a bad connection in a certain match.

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